Oliva+Cody Engagement Winter {Lebanon, OR}

Olivia, Cody, and their beautiful daughter Abijean arrived at their friend’s property and piled out of their car, full of smiles and hugs for me. There is nothing better than meeting up with your clients and everyone starting off relaxed, warm and friendly. Little Abijean, or AJ, was ready to start exploring right away. Luckily they brought Olivia’s brother, Evan, to keep her entertained while we got the shots of just the two of them. Sam and I had Evan in our Junior High Youth Group a couple years ago and he was always kind and helpful then, just like he was while taking care of AJ.

Cody and Olivia have been together for quite a while and you can see while interacting with them, how well they have learned to work together. Cody was so sweet and made all sorts of nice comments about his beautiful fiance. I was saying how beautiful the ring was that he picked out and he said, “You’ve got to have a beautiful ring for a beautiful girl!” He was right. Olivia has such a natural beauty and I absolutely love her thick, gorgeous hair and quick smile. It just lights up her face and makes everyone around her smile too.

The theme for this shoot would have to be cozy, joyful, and wintery. Is wintery a word? My spell check doesn’t think so, but I like it anyway. 😉 Some people think winter is a dead time for photography, but I disagree! There is a special kind of beauty at all times and seasons. You just have to be able to find it.

Olivia and Cody, I hope you enjoy these images and I am so very honored to capture your wedding this June.


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