Sweet Newborn Georgia {Brownsville, OR}

Little Miss Georgia was born in the early hours on December 15th. She may have been a little early by the midwife’s timeline, but she was just perfect. I was planning on photographing the birth, but when I got the call from Kelsey I had to tell her that I had a cough and sore throat. We decided it was better to be safe than sorry and I stayed home. We were so bummed that I had to miss that amazing moment, but happy that I got to meet and photograph her about a week later!

Georgia is the sweetest, most delicate little girl! She is well loved by her older brother and sister. It was so fun to watch them love on her during her lifestyle newborn shoot. Adelina was very good about being gentle with Georgia, but Harvey needed a little more supervision so he didn’t smother her with all his love. 😉

Kelsey and Vance make wonderful parents and they tag teamed it during the session to take care of all the little needs that their children had. I am so blessed to have them as friends and I am looking forward to watching little Georgia grow up in their loving family.


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