Winter Family Shoot at Willamette Park {Corvallis, OR}

I met Matt, Candace and Logan for the first time in the muddy parking lot of Willamette Park and Natural Area in Corvallis, OR. The park is a beautiful, wild, sprawling area with fields, forest, walking paths, and a great view of the river. The Smylie family was dressed perfectly. Warm and coordinating. Their smiles were even more warm and it was a joy to get to know them. With three adults to talk to, we enjoyed some grown up conversation! I have to admit this is something that I feel a little deficient in. With two toddlers at home, and lots of my sessions being families with little kids, sometimes I feel like my goofy strategies to make kids laugh become just a little too second nature!

I learned that Logan is a beast at Jiu Jitsu! Man, that just seems so much more epic than baseball or basketball! No offense to beasts in those sports. 😉 Matt is able to work from home, and we agreed on how freeing that can be. Candace works at the college in administration. In fact, that is what led their family to move to the Corvallis area! I think we can all agree this is a beautiful area of the state, and of the country for that matter! Even in the winter months, it has it’s own kind of beauty. The natural beauty paired with the natural beauty of this family made this one amazing shoot!


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