Mountain Top Adventure Session

Ahhh Oregon. Beautiful golden light, birds softly singing, seeds and pollen drifting lazily through the air (maybe that’s an allergic nightmare) Haha. But what a gorgeous scene. Walking uphill through the trees together laughing and panting, woeful of how out of shape we suddenly seemed. Then at the top and standing quietly just soaking in the view.

I am all about adventure sessions. You don’t need a boyfriend or a big event as an excuse. Don’t wait until you are at your ideal weight or when you “feel ready”. That day may never come. Documenting your life and embracing where are at right now is way more important. <3

This place is one of my all time favorites. Oregon really showcases her beauty here. But I not only got to photograph nature’s beauty, I also got to document Janane’s amazing beauty! You know they say confidence is the best accessory and I 100% agree. Janane has such a sweet and open spirit.

She just shines in front of the camera. She has the best smile and contagious laugh. Also, she is not afraid of heights! Haha that came in handy during this shoot, although my heart was pounding a little faster while she was sitting on the rock. DEFINITELY SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THOSE PHOTOS!


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