A Stormy May Wedding {Ali + Kody} May 30th, Lebanon, OR

The weather forecast called for rain. Thunder storms even, all day long.

Kody and Ali’s first look was scheduled at 12:30 and their ceremony started at 2pm. We kept looking out the window while they were getting ready…. no rain. We drove to the location where we were hoping to do outdoor pictures. It didn’t even look too dark in the sky! We got lots of beautiful photos of their first look, bride and groom portraits, family, and wedding party.

Literally JUST as we were wrapping up, we felt some rain drops on our skin. Everyone jumped in their cars and headed for the church, just minutes away. By the time I stepped out of my car, it was DUMPING rain. Like, tempest grade dumping.

There were a lot of people praying for the weather to hold during pictures. That’s all I’m saying. 😉

Their ceremony was a touching and meaningful time with only their closest friends and family present. There were some laughs and there were some tears.

There were even a few well timed peals of thunder!

With the long anticipated, “You may kiss your bride!” We all filed out to the parking lot where a long string of cars waited to congratulate the happy couple and enjoy some treats.

I don’t know if I’ll ever photograph weddings again like I am in this season of life. COVID-19 has made us adapt and change. But that isn’t a bad thing. It has shown me that no matter our circumstances, we make it work and choose to find joy.

Our God is greater than our hard times and He blessed this wedding day in so many ways.

The intimate family dinner at the end may have been my favorite part. The little family barn was beautifully furnished and had perfect details like the crystal chandelier and the GORGEOUS flower arrangements made by Sweet Gathering Florals.

First dances always get me, but with my dad recently going to heaven, this father/daughter dance really hit me and I shed a few tears.

Hold onto your loved ones knowing their time on earth is limited. If we know and are known by Christ, then the separation is short lived, but still hard all the same.

Having joyful times like weddings are such a blessing to be close and rejoicing with family and friends.

Ali and Kody, may your marriage, be joy filled, strong, service focused, and filled with God’s Spirit. I love you both!


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