Our Family Before Little Miss

Well, these are the last weeks before we finally get to meet our daughter. To be honest, I had kinda reserved myself to being a boy mom. I don’t really know why since I knew we wanted more kids, but for some reason, I just thought I would keep having boys! But when I got the call at only twelve weeks pregnant that they had my blood work results and that I was going to have a little girl, my heart skipped a beat! I was going to have a daughter! I could buy dresses! And head bands! 😀 So now I am just counting the weeks until my due date. I’m 34 weeks in these pictures.

Stephen is super excited to meet her and asked when she will get here all the time. Both Stephen and Levi like to come up to me randomly and lift my shirt up so they can give “Little Sister” a kiss on my belly. It is the sweetest thing.

We also added another member to our family in the last couple weeks! Mozzie is our sweet, mellow Goldendoodle. He is so patient with the kids even though he’s only three months old himself! We are still working on the house training…

Thank you to Aubree Tocher Photography for capturing these special moments of our family right before this new season in our lives (edited by me). I know I will enjoy looking back on this post for years to come. 🙂


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