Fitton Green Engagement Shoot, Corvallis, OR {Kayley + Chase}

Kayley and Chase have the best proposal story ever! So Chase has his Grandma’s ring that he’s planning to give the girl of his dreams, right? So he plans this whole epic proposal at the beach, except when he reaches into his pocket to pull out the ring, he comes up blank. It’s not there. He checks his pockets, coat, even under his hat. Nothing. So the panicked search begins. They only have a couple hours until sunset, and can’t find anything. So they go to bed and rent a metal detector the next morning.

After hours and hours of searching, they are about to give up hope. They stop one more time at the entrance to the beach and there it is! I can’t believe they found it after leaving it all night and hours and hours of searching! But you can bet they were overjoyed when they saw that sparkle in the sand.

Their engagement session was so fun. Their poor daughter was having a hard time unless she was being held, but we still got some super cute shots of her. <3

I am so excited to photograph their wedding this January!


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