Glowing Summer Maternity Shoot, Corvallis, OR {Trish + Travis}

There is something so beautiful and life giving about a pregnant woman. Although pregnancy does not always feel “glowy” and invigorating, there are moments that do. Like when your little one kicks inside and the connection you feel before you even meet your baby. A maternity shoot should capture all those feelings for you to hold onto long after your little one has left the womb.

Trish’s maternity shoot was one of those extra beautiful ones. Everything from her sky colored, flowing dress, to her bright smile, to her vibrant, red crown of hair came together to make some breathtaking images.

This will be Trish and Travis’s first child and they cannot wait to meet him! The waiting can be the hardest, but all of a sudden you stop in the middle of cleaning up another one of his messes as a toddler and you realize that that precious season is long gone and all you have left are the pictures and memories. This hits home to me and brings tears to my eyes, because I have two little boys and am expecting our first daughter. I know how fast it goes by and I don’t want to focus on this season being over, but rather soak up every minute and thank God that He has given me such a precious gift.


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