Corvallis, OR Engagement {David+Jenny)

I got the call from David about a month and a half ago. He said he and Jenny had found me online and really wanted me as their wedding photographer! They asked if I still had their date available and it turned out I did! After I met them both for coffee we all decided it was a perfect match.

I drove through Corvallis the day before their engagement session and it was snowing like crazy! Thankfully the next day was partly sunny. That’s Oregon for you! Never a dull day. But that’s one of the things I like about it because if it was always predictable, it would get boring. 😉

Both of them are going to OSU, so they got to be my tour guides as we walked around campus and took advantage of all the beautiful old buildings. Some of those architectural arches are incredible! But even the beautiful buildings were dim when compared to this couple’s joy. We were all laughing almost the whole time. Also, can I just say that Jenny’s hair is gorgeous! She says it gets so crazy that she keeps it up most of the time, but I have to agree with David. Her natural ringlets frame her face beautifully! I know people who would kill for hair like that. 😉 Anyway, after wandering around downtown for a while, we drove to Bald Hill and attempted to hike it. I had the brilliant idea of going off the main trail and it ended up getting super steep and muddy so we didn’t  make it to the top, but we did get lots of beautiful pictures in the fields off the trail!

Our final stop was at the nearby covered bridge. This is a favorite spot for many of my couples and I can see why. You can’t get much cuter than cozy kisses under a covered bridge!

David and Jenny, I am so happy that you found me. I love your infectious laughter and how you are so kind to each other and everyone around you. I am so excited to keep becoming friends and photograph your wedding this July!!!


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