Tender Lifestyle Newborn Session {Baby Eliza}

I always have a soft spot for lifestyle newborn sessions. It is so special to be invited into a families home just days after bringing their newborn home and photograph the new family as they are exploring life together. They always turn out so sweet and calm and the love in each others eyes is so bright.

This family had a sweet moment in the middle of the session when mom started reading to big brother while dad was changing baby. It is such a normal, commonplace activity. One that may often be overlooked, but the excitement in that little boys face when is mom started lively narrating the characters was so special.

When I am there for your session, I make sure to pay attention to all the little things even when we are on a “break”. Those in between moments are so precious and unscripted, they deserve to be preserved!

P.S. Buttoned Sleepers by Caden Lane!


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