Intimate, Farm-style Wedding Corvallis, OR {Deborah + Isaac}

Deborah and Isaac’s wedding was such a bright, colorful, and joyful event. They saved their first look for walking down the aisle and it was so fun to see Isaac’s face light up when he caught his first glimpse of his bride beaming at him as she walked slowly down toward him. In a few minutes, they were husband and wife and the fun would commence!

They got married at a friend’s farm with a beautiful pond in the background and plenty of room for eating and dancing in the barn. Both of them worked hard to prepare as much as possible before hand. Deb created her bouquet herself. AND IT LOOKED AMAZING!! She also made the favors for the guests and even the pulled pork!

After enjoying the afternoon with their guests, Deb and Isaac drove a short distance to get some more sunset pictures. I was in heaven. It was the perfect evening and we found a small field full of wildflowers right before the sun dipped behind the hills.

It was a wedding to remember, and these pictures will serve just for that. To remind them of the day that they worked so hard to put together and to symbolize the rest of their lives together.


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