Sisters, OR Engagement Shoot {Christian + Grace}

Grace graduated with my little brother and it is blowing my mind a little that kids his age are getting married! I mean, I got married at nineteen, so that’s not to crazy. It’s just hitting me that my little siblings are growing up and are adults now!

I’ve gotten to photograph Grace and Christian a couple other times through school activities like Formal and Graduation. They are one of the cutest couples out there! They are never without a smile and kind greeting. I recently found out that Christian works as a contractor for a friend of ours! I love how it can be such a small world sometimes.

They are both adventurous and outdoorsy and so decided that Sisters, OR would be the perfect location for their engagement pictures. They ended up finding the perfect spot at a private ranch. They were brave enough to knock on the door to ask for permission to photograph there and the owners kindly allowed us. It is a gorgeous spot, and there may be a wedding venue available there soon!

Grace and Christian, I am so honored to be your photographer and can’t wait until your wedding this fall!


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