OSU Senior {Molly Underwood}

I sat on the wall next to the OSU sign waiting for Molly. I was a little early and had already snapped a couple cell photos for a couple wanting a picture in front of the sign. Then I saw Molly walking across the crosswalk and I thought, “goodness, she’s pretty!” Turns out she is sweet and funny too! We chatted and took some cute photos in front of the iconic Oregon State University sign and then started walking. She apologized for making me walk all over campus, but I assured her that I love walking and loved that we had more time to get to know each other! Molly is a senior graduating with her degree in Animal Science and a minor in Business. I asked if she wanted to be a veterinarian, but she said no, she would rather not have a job that was mainly composed of having to put animals down. She said she had dreams of starting her own stables and I can totally see her doing that. She also played the piano for me and it was beautiful to listen to. Enjoy these pictures of this sweet, timid and beautiful lady!



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