Silver Falls, OR Engagement Shoot {Bobo + Shelby}

Bobo + Shelby = cutest couple EVER. I’ve known Shelby for a long time! We grew up playing softball together for Central Linn. I have such good memories of heading out on those warm afternoons to play ball. Shelby was a really good player and I was always jealous of her naturally bright blonde and smooth hair. Her dad was actually our coach for part of the time! Once I started going to East Linn in high school, I actually played her and my old team! It was actually super embarrassing. East Linn decided to start up a softball team for the first time and I and one other girl were the only ones who had any experience. So they made me pitcher. I. was. not. a. pitcher. Like, threw balls 80% of the time. Soooo I pitched against my old teammates and threw ball after ball. I wanted to cry with frustration, but they were so nice. They were cheering for me and started swinging at every pitch I threw. Haha I love those girls.  Granted, I lost touch with Shelby after our softball career together. It was so nice to catch up with her though! I met Bobo for the first time at our consultation meeting at Starbucks. He struck me as really laid back and considerate.

Their engagement shoot was a super fun time. Silver Falls is a beautiful place and it was perfect for them. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am thrilled to be a part of their wedding.


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